ABS is a mechanised system that uses the standards of threshold braking and rhythm slowing down, procedures which were once rehearsed by capable drivers before ABS was boundless. ABS works at a lot quicker rate and more effectively than most drivers could make. Despite the fact that ABS for the most part offers further developed vehicle control and diminishes halting distances on dry and a few dangerous surfaces, on free rock or snow-covered surfaces ABS may essentially increment braking distance, while as yet further developing steering control.


Since ABS was presented to vehicles, such systems have become progressively modern and viable. Current adaptations may forestall wheel lock under braking, however, may likewise modify the front-to-rear brake inclination. This last option work, depending upon its particular capacities and execution, is referred to differently as electronic brakeforce distribution, abs control brake system,electronic stability control (ESC) or electronic brake control module.

Control Unit

The ABS control unit contains a computer system.So, to ensure the highest possible safety performance level.This system includes two computers or abs control box with the same software. All the data is processed in the computer monitor .The control unit controls the ABS and ESP.

Hydraulic Unit

In Hydraulic brake systems all individual wheel brakes have shift valves,which is very important to control the brake pressure.The hydraulic unit is used to create the essential confirmation strain on the admission side of the return pump unit of the ABS system. The return ABS pump module can’t develop the important beginning tension on the off chance that the brake pedal isn’t discouraged and there is no pressure present in the ABS system


The brake actuator primary function is to check that the brake is working properly with ABS system.The brake actuator pushes pressure against the brake drum, which eventually makes the vehicle slows down or reach a stand-still.While ABS brakes are a forward leap, don’t allow them to provide you with a misguided feeling of safety. To understand the full benefit of the ABS control unit, it expects you to keep away from negative ways of behaving like speeding, closely following, and driving while tired. Utilising safe driving practices will build your response time, a critical figure having the option to arrange a crisis circumstance securely. Try not to expect ABS brakes to make up for unfortunate driving; a solid portion of watchfulness and great judgement guarantees that wellbeing highlights like anti-brake module devices work to their maximum capacity.



The ABS sensor module keeps track of the wheel’s speed and revolution to upgrade both brake and traction control through the ABS. Regularly introduced in the driver’s seat, it comprises two parts: a reluctor wheel or tone ring situated on the axle, which rotate with the wheel, and either an attractive or corridor impact sensor which sends the information to the ABS control module. The wheel speed information is used to decide when to activate the ABS and how much pressure it ought to securely apply to slow down the vehicle without securing the brakes. The wheel speed data is additionally given to different parts (motor, transmission, route, and body control frameworks) through information lines by the ABS control unit.


The ABS controller is situated in the engine compartment inside the ABS control box,but you can also find in the other area within the brake system.The ABS controller limits the speed of the car when it gets signal from the wheel losing traction.It gets data from each individual wheel speed sensor.


ABS Pump can be found on many cars and other vehicles,its a safety component in ABS brake system module.After the valve release the pressure, ABS pump restore to the hydraulic brakes.If you are facing any problem in ABS pump unit you can replace the pump from usedabs.com


Each brake is controlled by the ABS , in the brake line the valve is present.The ABS modulator Valve is the important component when it comes to suddenly brake or stopping the vehicle . When the cars is about to skid the isolation valve will activate the block off flow and maintain the pressure.If your ABS modulator valve is leaking or take long time to stop or brakes that it’s time to change or replacement of the valve.Get your aftermarket valve from usedabs.com