While most of the dealers revealed that their OEM programs were too somewhat satisfactory, 68% of vendors felt that OEM programs are challenges that served their manufacturer’s necessities more than their own. This is particularly valid for the dealership parts department, where OEM programs are generally broadly utilised.

Although 57% of dealers report feeling that their OEM programs are inadequate at supporting parts eCommerce and arrangements, this can significantly affect how successful a parts department is.

Beside the absence of eCommerce support, OEMs need to change their way to deal with building programs intended to assist a showroom with finding more successful. In spite of feeling satisfied with their OEM programs, vendors agreed that there is a significant change that should be made. Beside supporting eCommerce, manufacturers need to rebuild their projects to include:

  • Simpler eCommerce devices and assets
  • Offer better preparation and support for sellers
  • Give more incentives to assist dealers reach their objectives

With these progressions, dealers can:

  • Develop their parts business dramatically
  • Increment income
  • Further, develop absorption rates
  • Study of eCommerce tools and arrangements
  • Improve upon innovation
  • Motivate their colleagues to take more initiatives

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